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Implement Safe Handling And Packing Techniques For Hazardous Materials

25 October 2019
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If potentially hazardous materials are occasionally shipped to some of your clients, it is imperative that the employees who work in your shipping department are aware of the safety standards that you have imposed. Security measures will prevent accidental leaks and will eliminate injuries to the recipients of the products. Implement Quality Control Procedures If you sell products that were purchased from a vendor, inspecting the condition of the items is crucial. Read More …

Bulk Silica Gel: Getting Orders Right

10 February 2019
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Silica gel is used for various research projects which involve moisture and moisture absorption. If your lab requires that you place gel orders regularly, consider these silica ordering suggestions. Talk To Researchers Above all, you need to make sure orders are correct so that the work in the research lab can continue. Instead of simply ordering what someone else ordered in the months before, it can make more sense to talk directly to researchers about what they need. Read More …