Bulk Silica Gel: Getting Orders Right

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Bulk Silica Gel: Getting Orders Right

10 February 2019
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Silica gel is used for various research projects which involve moisture and moisture absorption. If your lab requires that you place gel orders regularly, consider these silica ordering suggestions.

Talk To Researchers

Above all, you need to make sure orders are correct so that the work in the research lab can continue. Instead of simply ordering what someone else ordered in the months before, it can make more sense to talk directly to researchers about what they need. Are they happy with the silica gel that's been coming to the department? Do they want to try something else or a new supplier to see if they can get better results? Talk directly to your researchers to determine what gel would be most useful to them now.

Check The Country Of Origin

Getting silica gel can be very easy with the internet. You may be thrilled about saving money when you find drastically cheaper gel prices, even if it means buying bulk silica gel. However, before you click that order button, do some research. Is the online store located in your own country? If not, it could become subject to different customs fees and delays at your country borders. The gel may not get to your researchers for a while. If these costs and delays are acceptable to you or your researchers, placing international orders will work. However, it may be more budget-friendly and quicker to look for domestic gel suppliers instead.

Ensure You're Buying What You Need

Ordering mistakes can disrupt the work that happens in your lab, and it can also cause problems for ongoing research. Therefore, before placing orders, you need to double-check yourself and be sure that you're getting what's necessary. If you need white silica gel, for instance, check that you haven't put another type in your cart by accident. If your researchers need gel pellets rather than packets, ensure that's what's ordered.

Call Customer Support

Before problems arise, making contact with a silica gel supplier is wise. This contact can give you confidence about gel orders through them, or make you reluctant to use their company. It's best to contact their customer hotline now, before you're out money and time.

Plan for Delivery

Make a plan for gel delivery so that someone will be able to inspect the order and notice any problems. For instance, if you've ordered orange silica gel pellets and you notice that some have already started to turn green or another color, they've already absorbed some moisture and will not be as useful to your team. If someone accepts the order and just shelves it, this could go unnoticed. Ensure someone will look through the order to catch any problems.