5 Traits That Make a Great CDL Driver

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5 Traits That Make a Great CDL Driver

31 May 2022
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Are you considering getting a commercial driver's license (CDL) to seek a driving job? This potentially lucrative career is more and more in-demand as more goods need to travel around the world. Would you make a good CDL driver? If these traits sound like you, you just might be. 

1. A Patient Person

Anyone who drives vehicles for a living needs patience. If you drive long-haul routes, you may be alone on the road for hours or days. City drivers must deal with the many stresses of traffic, parking, and navigation. You may face delays, red tape, and even angry drivers. If you can handle a variety of situations with equanimity, you may be right for the role. 

2. A Good Communicator

When on the road, you will need to communicate well with a variety of people. First, you might work as a team driver and have to get along with other drivers or employees for long periods. Second, you will likely communicate using everything from phone calls to texts to videoconferencing. Finally, you are the face of your employer when dealing with customers and partners, so you must be able to communicate clearly and positively. 

3. Safety-Minded

Are you safety-minded? No matter what type of heavy commercial vehicle you drive, you have a serious responsibility for a larger and potentially more dangerous vehicle. This means a good CDL driver puts safety ahead of things like speed, meeting deadlines, and impatience. You should also be able to take seriously the safe preparation, inspection, and loading/unloading of your vehicle. 

4. Good at Organization

Drivers must handle a lot of different tasks on their own and without supervision. Unfortunately, many of these jobs aren't directly related to driving. You may need to follow Department of Transportation rules, track miles and hours driving, manage paperwork for both client and employer, and navigate customs. Can you stick to a timetable, keep your personal workspace organized, and use multiple digital and hardcopy media? If so, you could be a great asset. 

5. A Problem Solver

Are you a person who can brainstorm, find alternatives, and quickly pivot when presented with a problem? Because CDL drivers are on their own so much, they may have to navigate a huge variety of obstacles — anything from weather changes and accidents to equipment breakdowns and unexpected paperwork. Keeping cool and finding solutions are key skills for CDL drivers.

Where to Learn More

Do you have these valuable traits? If so, you could be just what many companies are looking for to handle their driving jobs. Start by learning more about this career choice today. You may find that you're on the road to an outstanding new career. 

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