Managing Your Business's Logistics

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Managing Your Business's Logistics

10 July 2018
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A modern business will often rely on an elaborate and far-flung supply chain in order to meet its needs. As a result, a solid logistics operation will be essential for allowing your enterprise to reach its full potential in terms of profitability, market share, and customer retention.

Utilize A Forecasting System To Anticipate Needs

Many small business owners will find that accurately anticipating the amount of business they should expect is very difficult. Unfortunately, failures in this area can lead to you being under-supplied, which could lead to you being unable to fulfill customer orders in a timely fashion. Luckily, there are a variety of forecasting systems that you can use to help you better anticipate the amount of business you should be expecting. This will help you to avoid the need to suddenly strain your supply chain in order to account for unexpectedly busy periods.

Invest In Refining Your Supply Chain

An efficient supply chain will be able to both ensure you receive the materials that you need while also keeping the costs as low as possible. In order to achieve these goals, you will need to develop a flexible and robust supply chain. While this may seem overwhelming, there are some strategies that can help you with analyzing your current supply chain. 

For example, you can perform scaling tests where you analyze the impact that a sudden surge of orders would have on your supply chain. This can reveal bottlenecks in the chain that may need to be addressed as your business grows. While performing these tests will require a significant investment in terms of money and manpower, the ability to refine your logistics network can be critical.

Prioritize Your Customer Experience

There are many different competing interests that will need to be balanced. Unfortunately, business leaders will frequently fall into the trap of almost exclusively focusing on the costs that are involved with their supply chain. This can lead to decisions that may lower costs but lead to customer dissatisfaction. In order to avoid potentially driving away your customers, you may want to place a priority on the customer experience when you are making major strategic decisions about your logistics.

Consider Seasonal Changes To Shipping Times

When business owners are creating their logistics plans, they will often operate under the assumption that shipping times will be uniform throughout the year. Yet, there are many times where shipments may be delayed. A common example of this will be during the major winter holidays as it is common for the mail system to become strained by the packages and gifts that people are sending. Accurately tracking the sending and arrival of packages in your supply chain will allow you to review the average shipping time along with the times of the year when it deviates from this average.

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